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Planning comprehensive product initiatives.

We believe successful products begin by exploring the needs of your customers. This understanding is imperative to creating a product your customers will love and use on a daily basis.

From customer research to detailed wireframes and prototypes, Apeque can help you formulate and discover unique opportunities in your industry.

Designing experiences customers love.

Design is much more than the look and feel of a product. Creating intuitive products increases conversions, user retention, and is ultimately critical to how your product performs in the market place..

Apeque specializes in high-end user interface design. We are proud to partner with Indicate Design Groupe for branding and identity design.

Inspired software, web and mobile apps.

We're fortunate to be able to work each day on something we're passionate about—creating quality software.

Our engineering services include web apps (Angular, React, Ember, CSS3/LESS, and the modern web stack), NodeJS, PHP, Python, Postgres, Mongo, etc. and mobile apps — Native iOS and React Native (iOS & Android).

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Design and marketing agencies expand their services with Apeque.

We work with a variety of design, advertising, and marketing agencies, enabling them to offer web and mobile app development to their clients directly.

Apeque is proud to partner with Indicate Design Groupe, a full-service design, branding, and identity agency based in San Francisco, CA.

Helping entrepreneurs across industries bring their ideas to life.

Technology can be used to solve unique problems across a variety of industries. We love working alongside entrepreneurs in their fields of expertise to find solutions to interesting problems.

Apeque first and foremost thinks strategically and how strategy flows to the tactical nature of what needs to be completed to achieve success.

Helping startups scale critical engineering resources.

Being a start up ourselves, we understand how sudden growth can limit your ability to move quickly. Apeque works with startups to scale design and engineering resources at critical times.

Erik is the man and is one of the most talented developers we know. Truly a pleasure to work with.

An affordable partner for small businesses and non-profits.

We love working with small businesses and non-profits and offer a variety of hosting, website, and e-commerce services at affordable rates.

Working with Erik is always a pleasure. I highly recommend him for any project.

iOS & Android Apps

Pilotly brings television pilots to your desktop and mobile device. Users get early access to quality television and producers collect critical feedback on their shows. Apeque worked with Pilotly to expand their platform to iOS and Android devices.

Native Enterprise iOS App.

Apeque developed a native iOS mobile app for Base Ventures. Base VC partners use their app on a daily basis to manage and track their extensive technology portfolio.

Strategy & App Design

Apeque worked with Splintr to develop a mobile app to enable customers to receive on-demand healthcare options. Working with Splintr enabled us to dive deep into the trenches of healthcare technology and HIPAA compliance.

[Apeque] first and foremost thinks strategically and how strategy flows to the tactical nature of what needs to be completed to achieve success.

API Infrastructure

Apeque works with Rapchat on a daily basis to support and grow their internal API. We work closely with Rapchat to support new feature releases, bug fixes, and ongoing maintenance for iOS and Android applications.

Website Development

Apeque built and manages the Panama Guitars website. We work closely with the company to manage online sales, advertising, and social campaigns.

About Us
  • Erik Smith
  • Principal

Apeque was founded in 2015 by Erik Smith. Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs across industries with the technology they need to achieve success. Our own passion for entrepreneurship enables us to bring an understanding and unique perspective to clients; a perspective that is often lost in the turn-key world of software development.